Unlock Networking Opportunities in Tampa, Florida to Grow Your Business

Are you looking to expand your business in Tampa, Florida? Networking is a great way to get your business out there and make connections with other business owners and managers in the Upper Tampa Bay area. There are plenty of opportunities to network through chamber meetings, trade shows, committees, and special events. The Bridges to Business (BTB) program is a great way to connect small and diverse businesses directly to city staff, as well as offering a wide range of hiring opportunities. The BTB Vendor Certification Tour series and BTB Subcontractor Outreach and Networking are two of the main programs presented under the Bridges to Business umbrella. Networking involves meeting with colleagues inside and outside your industry through local networking groups or online communication.

Tampa Bay is one of the top 20 markets for startup activity (Kaufmann Index), so there are plenty of opportunities to create a perfect synergy of community, growth and a great lifestyle. To help companies analyze data to determine what products and services are in demand and how to be competitive, the Florida SBDC offers market research tools. The consultant also provides pre-loan assistance and is the provider of technical assistance for business owners interested in obtaining funding through banks, credit unions and non-bank intermediaries. The Small Business Administration, the Defense Logistics Agency, the State of Florida and other public and private partners, with the University of West Florida being the main institution hosting the network. Business Growth Consulting* is the Florida SBDC's premier individual consulting service, designed to increase profits and accelerate growth.

Consultants work with small businesses and entrepreneurs to develop financial projections that support their business plan. The Classic Babe membership is for you if you want guaranteed monthly in-person networking events in Tampa. A biannual event called BTB Subcontractor Outreach and Networking provides a networking space for companies to contact the staff of the City's Contract Management Department, Purchasing Department and Equal Business Opportunity Department, as well as partner agencies, bondsmen, insurance providers and dozens of the main contractors for construction projects in the city of Tampa. The business plan and marketing tools* provide a simplified and realistic approach to creating essential business planning documents. Strategic planning* helps companies make better business decisions to achieve their goals and objectives. I have had mentors, bosses, and colleagues who have championed the idea that networking is the path to success in business.

The Florida SBDC provides business research and sources to develop creative marketing plans and successful sales strategies. There is also a strong support system comprised of investors, business leaders, organizations and mentors who want to help you and Tampa Bay grow.

Dwight Ellinwood
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