Living Locally in Tampa Bay: How Businesses Can Make a Positive Impact in the Community

The City of Tampa is a great place for businesses of all sizes to thrive, with its favorable tax structure, quality infrastructure, incentives for development and a strong workforce. Living locally in Tampa Bay is about embracing sustainability and supporting local businesses. By shopping at local markets, eating at local restaurants, using local services, and adopting a sustainable lifestyle, you can have a positive effect on the environment and the local economy. Small business owners share their passion and determination through their relationships and services, impacting the community.

Local vendors promote stories, culture, charm and a more vibrant atmosphere for all of us. In reality, the character of a city is defined by its local businesses. We connect Tampa-based businesses that want to make an impact in our local community. We meet once every quarter to network, donate, learn about nonprofit organizations, and vote on which to support together.

Two of the most effective ways companies can engage with the communities surrounding their key facilities are as simple as they are complex. Supporting local businesses and adopting sustainable practices are two essential components of local life in Tampa Bay. As more and more states and counties gradually start to reopen during the pandemic, it's important not to leave behind all the small businesses that depend on their local community. Imagine not having your favorite yoga studio, coffee shop, or beach boutique and think about how you can prevent it by organizing events and activities and continuing to support Small Business Saturday every day.

We have actively sponsored local business organizations such as the American Marketing Association, the Business Marketing Association, and the American Advertising Association among others. By creating jobs, generating tax revenues and contributing to a more diverse and resilient local economy, local businesses play a critical role in community well-being. Business Journals Leadership Trust is a network of influential business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs in your community which can only be accessed by invitation. Tampa (BLOOM) is another great way to have a positive impact on your community and the environment.

When communities rely heavily on big box stores and national chains they become more vulnerable to economic downturns and supply chain disruptions.

Dwight Ellinwood
Dwight Ellinwood

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