Unlock Business Opportunities in Tampa, Florida

The City of Tampa is an ideal place for businesses of all sizes to flourish. It offers a competitive tax system, quality infrastructure, incentives for development, and a strong workforce. The Bridges to Business (BTB) program is a great way for small and diverse businesses to connect with city staff and take advantage of various hiring opportunities. The BTB Vendor Certification Tour series and BTB Subcontractor Outreach and Networking are two of the main programs under the BTB umbrella.

Tampa Bay is one of the top 20 markets for startup activity (Kaufmann Index). Businesses can attend public policy events to gain insight into key public policy issues that could affect their company or the Tampa Bay community. Florida is renowned for its tourism industry, which brings with it considerable seasonality that affects many companies. However, businesses can benefit from the more accessible and cheaper labor available during the summer months.

A strong support system of investors, business leaders, organizations, and mentors are available to help entrepreneurs and Tampa Bay grow. The Division of Library and Information Services website provides information about the process of creating a business in Florida. The program works to impact the business community across the region by providing professional development, networking, and community outreach opportunities for young professionals. Essential items such as food and medicine are exempt from sales tax in Florida.

Additionally, there is a sales tax break in August when families shop for back to school. Small businesses are an integral part of Florida's economic landscape, representing 99.8% of all businesses and employing 3.6 million people. Entrepreneurs have access to capital to start and expand their businesses in Florida. It is essential to get the correct licenses and permits for your business or you could face fines or even cause your company to shut down.

SCORE's volunteer business professionals and expert mentors provide advice and guidance to entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their businesses. Finally, Enterprise Florida is a public-private partnership that provides information on Florida's business growth opportunities, along with news focused on the development and defense of trade and exports.

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