Business Programs in Tampa, Florida for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Business consultants in Tampa, Florida work with entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them create financial projections that support their business plans. The Florida Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides resources to assist companies in developing effective marketing plans and successful sales strategies. With the help of market research tools, businesses can analyze data to identify what products and services are in demand and how to stay competitive. Strategic planning* helps companies make better decisions to reach their goals and objectives.

The program has been backed by some of the most influential companies in the Tampa Bay area, such as ReliaQuest, Jabil, Power Design, Raymond James, Nielsen, Kforce, TECO Energy and Caspers Co. To further this mission, Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay has implemented the 3DE educational model in Pinellas County schools. This school district serves more than 104,000 students in 140 schools throughout the county. The affordable housing crisis in Tampa Bay and other parts of the Gulf Coast has not improved, and while home sales have dropped 22% nationally, prices are still rising in many parts of Florida.

The business plan and marketing tools* provide a straightforward and realistic approach to creating essential business planning documents. Participants are divided into small groups and assigned a business model to work on for a few weeks. A survey revealed that 81% of Florida companies consider the lack of “interpersonal skills” among employees to be a threat to their growth. The consultant offers pre-loan assistance and is the provider of technical assistance for business owners interested in obtaining funding from banks, credit unions and non-bank intermediaries.

The Florida Abandoned Area Loan Guarantee Program (see section 376.86, Florida Statutes: Abandoned Area Loan Guarantee Program) is one of the incentives available to abandoned land developers. The Black Business Loan Program provides alternative credit solutions to small black-owned businesses based in Florida through short-term loans and technical assistance. The Rural Community Development Revolving Loan Program provides financial assistance to local governments through loans or loan guarantees for projects that will create or maintain jobs and increase the economic vitality and diversification of Florida's rural counties and communities. The funds will fill the current gap in available and affordable capital for businesses, which can be used for purchasing inventory, construction, working capital, financing equipment, and more.

The Small Business Administration, the Defense Logistics Agency, the State of Florida and other public and private partners are part of this network with the University of West Florida being its main host.

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