Getting Involved with the Local Economy in Tampa, Florida: A Guide for Businesses

In Tampa Bay, there is a large and vibrant community of veterans and a thriving technology market. This provides businesses with the opportunity to benefit from the great technological talent in the area and create jobs, generate tax revenues, and contribute to a more diverse and resilient local economy. Living locally in Tampa Bay is not only beneficial for the environment and the local economy, but it also allows people to connect with their community and create a sense of belonging. Tampa offers lower business costs, taxes, and regulations while providing employees with a better quality of life.

Justworks, a human resources technology platform that gives small businesses and entrepreneurs access to benefits, payroll, human resources tools, and compliance assistance, chose Tampa for their newest office. They have started building their local team at Industrious in downtown Tampa, performing sales, payment, and tax functions. Tampa ranks second in the “commercial establishment creation rate” which reflects a dynamic business environment and continued optimism in the economy. With so much potential located at the center of Tampa Bay's strong market, it's no surprise that many companies choose to open and expand in one of the most business-friendly counties in the U.

S. The work began by evaluating numerous data measures and sources of information, including dozens of metrics from the “state of the region” data developed by the Tampa Bay Partnership Foundation and the USF Muma School of Business in collaboration with the Tampa Bay Community Foundation and United Way Suncoast. When communities rely heavily on big box stores and national chains, they become more vulnerable to economic downturns and supply chain disruptions. As the voice of the Tampa business community, the Tampa Bay Chamber is involved at all times on several fronts of public policy.

The data was presented from the “Regional Competitiveness Report” which is a data-based assessment of Tampa Bay's strengths and weaknesses through a diverse set of indicators measuring performance compared to reference communities across the country. Justworks plans to host conferences and events here in the future and hopes to expand its brand with visits to local universities and contribute to the community. By supporting local businesses and adopting sustainable practices, you can help create a more vibrant and resilient community that you can be proud to call home.

Dwight Ellinwood
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