Networking in Tampa, Florida: Opportunities to Grow Your Business

Tampa, Florida is a great place to network and build relationships with business owners, community leaders, and the general public. There are a variety of events and programs that offer excellent opportunities to meet new people and expand your business. One of the most popular programs is Bridges to Business (BTB). This program connects small and diverse businesses directly to city staff, as well as offering a wide range of hiring opportunities.

The BTB Vendor Certification Tour series and BTB Subcontractor Outreach and Networking are two of the main programs presented under the Bridges to Business umbrella. Another great way to network is through special events such as Oldsmar Days & Nights, Oktoberfest, Expos, and more. These events provide a great opportunity to meet new people, exchange business cards, and promote your business face-to-face among other Chamber members. The Professional Networking Group is a monthly seminar designed to bring the professional seeking employment back to the workforce or make a significant career change.

This event is held on the third Wednesday of every month at alternate member businesses in the Upper Tampa Bay region. The Chamber of Commerce also offers a variety of networking opportunities such as meetings, trade shows, committees, and special events. These networking opportunities can dramatically increase the visibility of your business, your products and services, as they provide you with the opportunity to network with other business owners and managers in the Upper Tampa Bay area. Whether you are looking for new contacts or just want to expand your network, Tampa has plenty of options for you. From BTB programs to special events and networking groups, there are plenty of ways to get connected with other professionals in the area.

With these resources at your disposal, you can easily find new contacts and build relationships that will help you grow your business.

Dwight Ellinwood
Dwight Ellinwood

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